Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where have I been?

Well...first of all, school is monopolizing a lot of my time. Along with my new cache of books.

More importantly, I'm kind of trying to come up with things that are uniquely me, as far as weekly posts. Other than reviews. Everyone does "Teaser Tuesdays," "Waiting On Wednesdays," ect. I like those, I really do. But for me? All the blogs are kind of blurring together because of it.

I'm also trying to figure out how to customize my own layout. I want a graphic for a rating system for reviews, a blog badge like the ones on my left column, ect. But it's been years since I've done artsy-fartsy stuff. My question for those bloggers out there with the unique logos and layouts is what kind of software do they use? Photoshop is wicked expesive last I checked. Where do they get their pictures? And do they format their layout from scratch with html or do they tweak templates?

Soon, my creative muscles will flex and I can think of some things that work for me and my blog. In the meantime, my posting is kind of lacking.


  1. Cindy said...
    Yay! I'm now a follower!

    Cindy said...
    Yay!!! I'm a follower now!

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