Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This book is one I've been fidgeting for. And I actually won a free set of the whole series from Molly Harper. Yay! And since the next book: Nice Girls Don't Live Forever, doesn't come out until December (happy birthday to me!) I tried to make this book last awhile. I really did. Only reading a chapter or two at a time. But my impatience got the better of me and I finished it last night.

Britt's own odd synopsis:

So...when we last left Jane Jameson, she was beginning to help her best friend Zeb with his titanic themed wedding. Even if it meant wearing a toxic waste, ruffles and bows, bridesmaid dress. She survived attack by psychotic, tacky, vampire Realtor. And her sire Gabriel and her were finally in something resembling of a relationship.

The main plot of the book revolves around the wedding between Zeb and his werewolf honey Jolene. Zeb's Mama Ginger has had over a decade of planning a wedding for Jane and Zeb despite their always platonic relationship. So she understandably doesn't cope well to have her denial-driven dream shattered by backwoods barbie.

Then there is the little issue of Jane's family either refusing to accept her new undead status or downright hating her for it. Especially Jane's grandma, who is yet again engaged to another geriatric beau. Except this one seems to be a horse of a different color. A bad color.

My opinion:

First things first: if southern families are really like this...well then I just consider myself having won the family lottery. Because in the book you have Jane's ingrate family, Zeb's cuckoo for coco puffs mom, and Jolene's violent werewolf clan.

And the whole titanic themed wedding MUST have been an ironic joke because this was the wedding that would never work. If it were the titanic it would have hit an iceberg right off the dock. Possibly before it even got in the water. In the end, it did all work out. But there were a LOT of obstacles for that to happen.

It wasn't as..."riveting, can't put it down, stay up late till it's done" as the fist book was, but I still really liked it. I haven't even looked up the synopsis or read the excerpt for "Nice Girls Don't Live Forever" because I don't wanna be teased. This book didn't end on a cliffhanger, and for a few months I'm going to pretend that there isn't third book yet to read.

All in all: read it and love it.

Ps. there were some downright hilarious quotes I have to share. (None that are spoilers or anything. )
"...he's the Splenda of vampires..."

"Is it orifices or oricici?"

Those are the only two I could find and the moment. But the whole book is really funny.


  1. tenshinohanran said...
    Congratulations. I am just wondering how did you win?
    Britt said...
    I won a trivia contest on Molly Harpers blog:
    tenshinohanran said...
    ooohhh yeah! Congrats again! Did you read the cover for Nice Girls Don't Live Forever?
    Britt said...
    Not yet, to afraid to get teased and then be impatient for 3 months.
    tenshinohanran said...
    I know the feeling. T.T Especially waiting for Karen Chance's books.

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