Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Okay....so my TBR pile is big and a few I need to get my butt movin' on because I'm reviewing them. This book was just like that box of cookies that should have lasted you a week or so, but darn it all if you couldn't stop yourself from devouring it the moment you got your greedy little mitts on it.

The only reason I waited this long was I'm apprehensive of buying trade paperbacks because of the cost, unless it's a series that already convinced me to drink their Kool-Aide. Well, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library (I love you EBR library!!! Seriously. Barnes and Noble doesn't know it, but I'm having a HUGE affair on them with you) finally got it in...72 hours later, I feel sated but kind of guilty that I'm ignoring my other booky-wooks. Okay, that tangent went off in a kind of weird, disturbed direction. But onto the review:

Similar with Harris' vampire world, the book takes place not too long after vampires have officially announced their existence to us mere mortals. The big reveal was done by the elite Chicago vampire houses. Because much like the feudal lord system and a lot like pack/pride structures in shifter/were novels, all vampires are divided into houses and those that refuse or are kicked out of a house are called Rogues. Our heroine, Merit, is attacked by a rogue and her life is "saved" by McDreamy vampire Master of the Cadogan, Ethan Sullivan. By saved I mean she joined the ranks of the long-of-tooth, and not too willingly.

Now, just as Merit has been told that her life as a English grad-student (yet another main character who is a book nerd. Gotta say, loving the trend) is over, she has precious little time to come to terms that she has to swear allegiance to Ethan as her Lord and Master. Which I think puts any woman raised after...say...1900 go: "Yeah...right. When monkeys fly outta my butt!" To top it all off, the Rogue who nearly ripped her throat out seems to have a taste for the slim brunettes as other girls turn up dead via vamp. Then direct threats are made against her life. Oh...and by the way, all these vampire houses are on the verge of war.

The great thing is that I can tell this is yet another great set up for what could be a multi-directional series. Because Merit's room mate is discovered out to be a budding sorceress, her grandfather works in a special police branch that deals with all things that go bump in the night (and employs a sorcerer and shifter), and we are introduced to many different characters that could eventually end up having their own story. I can definitely see that Chloe Neill, intentionally or not, gave herself plenty of room to grow. From her website, it looks like there will be at least 4 books in this series. And she has already drafted up shirts for the hunky men in the book. Much like the team Edward/Jacob shirts.

More importantly...Friday Night Bites comes out on October 6, this year. And I reeeeeeally want it. So if there are any magnanimous bloggers out there that are like "Hey, what should I do with this FNB ARC?" Just picture me, jumping up and down with my hand raised like an antsy 3rd grader. I know I'll have it read in a heartbeat. Just had to put that out there. Regardless, I will actually buy the book second time around, price-be-darned, because it's totally worth it. For those of you who haven't already looked, you can read the first chapters of Some Girls Bite and Friday Night Bites on Chloe Neill's website.

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    Hi, Britt. Thanks for the review! I hope you enjoy FRIDAY NIGHT BITES.


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