Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why is my blog a zombie?

So I kind of slipped out of the blogosphere for awhile, there. Part of it was the hurricane that is getting married, out-of-state, the day after Christmas, last-minute. Don't do it, people. I can attest that my sanity barely survived. But the ultimate result is that I'm married to my boyfriend (now husband) of 9 years. I've only been married a little over two months, but I can only say great things about it so far. So as a consolation I've got a few photos from the wedding below.

Part of my hiatus was that I've been reading other peoples blogs and brainstorming ways to make my blog different or more interesting. So far, no ground-breaking ideas, but I didn't feel up to posting for awhile because I didn't want to be just another book blog. So I plan on having regular posts here, and not just directly related to books. Although, one look at my browser history and/or apartment will tell you that doesn't leave a whole lot left in my life! Now GO and enter my contest!


  1. Melissa (Books and Things) said...
    Congrats on your wedding. Love the pics.
    whitewolfreads said...
    Congrats and you look beautiful!!

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