Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spiffy Shirts

Okay, so this is non-literature related post. My very first. But I just had to do my own little shout-out to this great company I found the other day. Now some girls are all...well girly. Dress up, wear heels that resemble torture devices from the Spanish Inquisition, all that jazz. I...don't. The most frivolous accessory I usually drop money on is a purse. Which, now that I've found Etsy, I may be doing more often. But I'm really a t-shirt and jeans girl. Yesterday I stumbled upon Threadless, a unique tshirt company with the apt slogan of "Nude No More."

Basically, each shirt is literally a work of art. Rather than spend excessive money on market research and other useless crap, they decided if they want to know what their customers want, they'd ask them. So an artist submits their work for potential printing and Threadless puts it up to the customers for a vote: would they buy it as a tshirt or a print? And what is it on a scale of 1 to 5. The highest rated designs get printed. And when those shirts run out, you can vote to run another printing of that shirt. Yesterday being 09/09/09, they sold all their shirts for $9. And probably because of it's genius, they extended it through today. My favorite design so far, was a book shirt shown above. If you can't tell it says: "Books are good for you," and has a kid begrudginly eating a book like it's a salad and looking longingly at a piece of pie. Cute, right?

Follow the magic hyperlinked logo and check it out:

I orded 5 shirts and axiously await them. When I actually get my hands on one, I'll report back. Probably about the awesomeness of it.

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  1. Melissa said...
    Hey, don't forget to follow their twitter as well. They have been having contests there. I haven't won yet. :(

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