Friday, August 21, 2009

Rachel Vincent's Werecat Series: I'm absolutely goo-goo ga-ga for Vincent's writing. The series is about Faythe Saunders and her pride of werecats. It's a refreshing change from werewolf series(nothing against Kelly Armstrong or Patricia Briggs and their lupine-centric series). If you're a Sookie Stackhouse fan like me, you're not a newb to werecats (were-panthers play a minor role in Charlaine Harris' Southern Vamprie Novels), but Vincent's cats are just so real and sleek and powerful.

The main character, Faythe, is stubborn, independant, and simply refuses to be put into the role as mother to a new generatinon. Although female cats (tabbies) are rare and vital to a prides survival, throughout the series she begins to fill out her role as the next Alpha (a historically male role). The latest book, Prey, steers through the tumultous world of feline politics as her father and Alpha is unseated in his role in the council of elders, her on-again and off-again lover Marc ends up missing, and Faythe must act as both enforcer and caretaker to the stray tabby. All the while her world is entirely upheaved and the end of the book is the beginning of what has the potential to be incredibly bloody war as her family's pride is threatened to be wiped out. I can't wait for book 5, Shift!!

Patricia Brigg's Alpha and Omega Series: Yes, another shifter series. I think we're all a bit vamped out. (I save most of my vamp-love for Edward Cullen). This series is a spin-off of the Mercy Thompson series, which is about a walker/mechanic (shape-shifter, not were, that changes into a coyote) who was literally raised by wolves. Well, were-wolves. Cry Wolf, the first book, is written from the perspective of Charles Cornnick, son of and enoforcer to the North American werewolves, and Anna, an Omega wolf (definition of Omegas are a bit sketchy, but it seems that they are a wolf that acts as a calming influence to wolves. Helping them repress their baser wolf instincts.). Anna was unwillingly changed into a werewolf by her astoundingly abusive former pack. Her and Charles meet as he comes in to clean up after her pack's corrupt Alpha. As fate has it, they are invitably drawn to each other as mates. You can practically feel the chemistry between Charles and Anna. I also really enjoyed watching Anna's character develop from a reluctant submissive to fulfilling her role as an Omega. Soon book 2 comes out, Hunting Ground. yay!

Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series: Okay...first off: Cat and Bones rival Edward and Bella in the steamieness, fog up your glasses, makes you squirm in anticipation department. I reeeeeally hope (and partly don't hope) that they option this series into a movie or 4. Because I wanna see a real live Bones.

Seriously, though. The series is narrated by Cat, a red-headed, rare human/vampire hybrid resulting from a roll in the sack with a human woman and a recently-turned vampire. (Some of his little soldiers were still swimmin' if you get my drift.) On a slightly misdirected vendetta, Cat dusts vamps indiscriminately until she chances upon Bones who calls her bluff. He further trains her to become the vampire boogeyman, The Red Reaper (cue dramatic music: dun dun daaaaaaa). In the process Cat and Bones fall in love despite the multitude of obstacles put in their way. In the lastest book (for which I pestered the local booksamillion for their earliest copy), Destined for An Early Grave, yet another old-as-dirt fanged-one wants to collect Cat as though she were a good vintaged wine or something. Of course, he is known as the dream-snatcher because of his power to nap people in their dreams. So Cat and Bones face a unique challenge because Cat's own dreams become dangerous. (a la Nightmare on Elm Street) A good portion of DFEG was the result of the stress that is put upon Cat and Bone's relationship, or Cat in a directionless daze so as not to dream and risk being snatched. But the end provided the satisfaction I was looking for. Next up, a series based off of an undeveloped character, Spade, named "First Drop of Crimson."

More addictive series to come...


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